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Catch a Lift Fund - Mission TUFF Partner

Catch a Lift Fund - Mission TUFF Partner

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Website: https://catchaliftfund.org

Instagram: @catchalift_fund

Facebook: https://facebook.com/catchaliftfund

Their Mission

Catch a Lift Fund (CAL) was founded in memory of Army Cpl. Chris Coffland, who lost his life in Afghanistan, while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, November 2009. CAL's mission is rooted in his lifelong belief that through fitness, one can reach their highest potential both mentally and physically. CAL believes fitness is a personal choice, individual as each member. Choosing how and where to workout, offering options for coaching, accountability, and mentors assure that each veterans unique needs are met.

CAL's Impact

Since our founding in 2010, the Catch A Lift Fund has helped thousands of post 9/11 combat wounded veterans regain their mental and physical health through gym memberships, in-home gym equipment, personalized fitness and nutrition programs, and a peer support network. Catch A Lift vets are seeing and feeling results including dramatic weight loss, reduction in medications, improved sleep patterns, and strengthened relationships with family and friends, thanks to their healthier lifestyle. Our veteran testimonials attest that CAL has "saved their lives"; the greatest impact of all.


90% of all donations go to CAL Veteran Programs

2,900 Veterans in Our Program

1500+ participating gyms across the U.S.

Over $1.9 Million Spent


The stories they share will inspire you.