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Bitcoin Help & FAQ is proud to be the first fitness lifestyle brand to accept bitcoin online.  All of our products and gear are available for purchase with bitcoin.

How to Pay with Bitcoin


You'll need a Bitcoin wallet to pay at with Bitcoin. You can get one for free at Coinbase, which is the digital wallet we use. However, you can use any wallet to pay with Bitcoin.

You'll then need to get bitcoin, which you can do through an exchange such as Coinbase, or by accepting bitcoin for goods or services. It's also possible to create new bitcoins with a computerized mathematical process called "mining."

Shopping at

Our full selection of fitness and powerlifting gear is available for purchase with bitcoin. To use bitcoin for payment at, simply shop for your favorite selections, add them to your Cart, and then Checkout. Once your items are added to your cart, please just fill out your name, address, and email and proceed as you would normally checkout. Next, select the shipping that you prefer and click next to move on to the payment screen. On the payment screen, select the "Pay with Bitcoin" option under the Payment Information section.


Upon checkout, you'll be presented with three ways to pay with Bitcoin. You can scan the QR code with a mobile Bitcoin wallet application, you can copy the Bitcoin address into your Bitcoin wallet, or you can send bitcoin using a Coinbase account.

Orders placed with Bitcoin as the payment method cannot be combined with any other form of payment except TuffWraps gift cards or coupons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is bitcoin?

A. Bitcoin is an innovative new currency that customers can use to purchase goods or services online. It’s decentralized, meaning no single organization or bank controls the Bitcoin network. You can make purchases or send money to anyone quickly and safely, as soon as the Bitcoin system processes the payment. To ensure the highest quality shopping experience, we have enabled Bitcoin as a form of payment to provide fast and convenient service to our customers.

Q. What can I purchase with bitcoin?

A. Any item that is available for purchase on can be paid for with bitcoin. You can use bitcoin to buy anything from our Villain Wrist Wraps to our apparel. Bitcoin is a fast and easy way to complete your order.

Q. Is Bitcoin safe?

A. The privacy of our customers is essential to us. Bitcoin transactions are secure, final, and do not contain customers’ sensitive or personal information. Bitcoin can be controlled via your Bitcoin wallet, so no unwanted or unnoticed charges can be made without your knowledge. Unlike other forms of payment, there is no need to provide personal payment information during your transaction.

Q. What if I need to cancel or return a purchase paid for with Bitcoin?

A. Returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days of the delivery date, for orders placed at You may also cancel any order which has not yet been shipped.

Refunds for returns or cancellations will be credited in the form of bitcoin, which will be priced based upon the exchange rate from US Dollars to bitcoin at the time of refund. Your refund will be issued through Coinbase using the email address listed on your account.

Please see our Returns and Exchanges policy for further information.

Q. How can I learn more about bitcoin?

A. Please visit for more information.

Settlement Terms

Bitcoin Payments

At the time of purchase, the US Dollar amounts from TuffWraps are converted to bitcoin using the exchange rate provided by Coinbase. Customers will have 15 minutes from the time of order to send the specified number of bitcoins. If an order is not settled within that time, the order will expire, and they will have to restart the checkout process.

Payment Discrepancies

If a customer overpays the specified number of bitcoins in their order, the overpayment amount will be processed under our cancellation policy. If a customer underpays the specified number of bitcoins, the order will be canceled, and customer service will attempt to contact the customer to return any funds received by under our cancellation policy.

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Sizing Information

Men's T-Shirt

Chest (inches) 30-32 34-36  38-40 42-44 46-48 48-50 50-52 52-54
Waist (inches) 28-30 30-32  32-33 33-34 36-38 40-42 44-48 50-54


Ladies' Triblend Racerback Tank

Length (inches) 26 7/8 27 1/2 28 1/8 28 3/4 29 3/8
Width (inches) 15 16 17 18 19 1/2


Men's Fleece Shorts

Waist (inches) 27-30 30-33 33-36 38-40 41-43 44-47


*These are not preshrunk.

Elbow Sleeve Size Chart:

We advise you to measure your arm when in a locked out with your muscles relaxed. Select the size below that best fits both measurements.

Size 2" below (in) 2" above (in)
XS 8.20 - 10.20 9.40 - 11.80
S 9.40 - 10.40 10.60 - 13.20
M 10.60 - 12.60 11.80 - 14.60
L 11.80 - 13.80 13.00 - 15.90
XL 13.0 - 15.0 14.20 - 17.30
2XL 14.20 - 16.10 15.30 - 18.70
3XL 15.20 - 17.10 16.30 - 19.70
4XL 16.20 - 18.10 17.30 - 20

For specific sizing please refer to the product page size chart.


TUFF 7mm X-Training Knee Sleeves

How to Size: Measure circumference of the knee (mid-patella) in a locked position (muscles must be relaxed). Unisex sizes.

S 11.8 in. - 13.0 in.
M 13.0 in. - 14.2 in.
L 14.2 in. - 15.7 in.
XL 15.7 in. - 17.0 in.
XXL 17.0 in. - 18.3 in.

*If you prefer a tighter fit please order one size smaller than your measurement.

TUFF 7mm Power Series Knee Sleeves

How to Size: Measure circumference of the knee (mid-patella) in a locked position (muscles must be relaxed).  If your calves are bigger than your knee measurement, we recommend using the circumference of your calf

Sizes Measured in inches
XS 12" - 13.3"
S 13.3" - 14.5"
M 14.5" - 15.7"
L 15.7" - 17"
XL 17" - 17.7"
XXL 17.7" - 18.5"
3XL 18.5" - 19.3"
4XL 19.3" - 20"