We're Hiring

Content Strategist/Writer Position:

TuffWraps.com is on the hunt for a few new staff members.  We’re looking for writers who are very knowledgeable and well-read in the fitness (Powerlifting, Nutrition, CrossFit, specifically) spaces. These people should be highly reliable, have great communication skills and be self-motivated.  We are looking for individuals with backgrounds in English or Journalism.

You will be writing original fitness articles of about 300 to 500 words each on TuffWraps.com, an ecommerce for wrist wraps and workout gear that launched in August 2013. The site prides itself on in-depth analysis of the subjects that impact our readers, so even if it may appear to be a short story, how does it impact the market?  Our readers?  We welcome you having your own voice in addition to reporting the facts.

*This job is a paid position.

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