TuffWraps Athlete: Andrew Hawkins

My names Andrew Hawkins, I’ve been crossfitting since 2009, so almost 6 years now. I’ve been competing since 2011 and I’ve never stepped foot on the floor and not competed. I may not win every event or take 1st overall, but every time I compete I prove that I deserve to be there. Conditioning will always be my bread and butter, but I strive everyday to become the strongest athlete I can be. Some of my most recent numbers include a 440 deadlift, 290 clean, and 215 snatch at a bodyweight of 148/150. I am a professional Firefighter for the Fayetteville Fire Dept in NC fulltime and I own and operate my own gym, Clinton City Strength and Conditioning. Teaching will always be my passion, and it’s what fuels me to be a better athlete. I don’t get my push from arrogance or bragging, I’m pushed each and everyday by my very own athletes that I train. I expect excellence not only from myself, but from the people I come into contact with. I am honored to say that I’m now officially apart of the TuffWraps team. Lets do this.

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