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TuffWraps Athlete: Ervin Toots


 IG: @ervin.toots

I am 29 years old and a former bodybuilder for almost 10 years until my good friend Rauno Heinla (pro strongman) told me to start competing in strongman like himself.  Finally June 2018 I  went and did my first strongman training just for fun, on the first day I cleared a 140kg log for reps, 300kg deadlift easy and 80kg dumbbell I think.  I felt I had found a new passion!

After that Rauno told me i have to do this sport and we started training together. 4 months training and me and Rauno flew to Ireland Official Strongman Games European Championships with Colin Bryce (Ginats Live Owner) and Bill Kazmaier as MC. Rauno took 1st place, I was 2nd and 3rd was Aaron Page who competes at Pro level. After that i figured its the sport for me!

2019 I completed 17 competitions, in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Curacao, Portugal, Norway. I also competed at four SCL competitions and was invited to the finals in Portugal, a proud moment representing TuffWraps my sponsor who also sponsor the the SCL (Strongman Champions League).

This year at Worlds Strongest Viking I pulled a new World Record at Jon Pall Sigmarsson Viking deadlift at 600kg.  A proud moment!

2020 I aim to compete at Arnold Pro Strongman series and multiple Strongman Champions League events.
My best lifts have been:

  • 400kg deadlift 2019
  • 310kg raw squat
  • 240kg bench press

My goals in 2020 are to hit a 200kg log and 420kg deadlift.

My goal is to become Estonias first Worlds Strongest Man! And I promise that even if I am injured I always give my very best. I don't just want to win, I want to dominate competitions!

Q&A with Ervin Toots

Where are you currently training?

Tartu Estonia

How did your fitness journey start?

It started over 10 years ago. My dream was to become Mr Olympia. But 2 years ago it changed and now my aim is worlds strongest man.

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Big Z. I have met him few times and despite being strongest man maybe who ever lived! Hes also the nicest and a great guy all around

What is your favorite food?

Ice cream with apple juice. But I also like barbecue food, all types of meat that is grilled.

What is your favorite Tuffwraps product and why?

Elbow cuff. My left elbow hurts with some exercises but using Tuff elbow cuff I don't feel any discomfort during training.

What is an odd fact about you?

I worked as a correctional officer and during my bodybuilding time of 10 years i had no injuries. But 2 years of strongman and i have tore both biceps, triceps, quads, back, chest

What is your favorite quote?

Live a life you will remember!