TuffWraps Athlete: Sara Berlin

I started powerlifting at age 23 after going to watch a friend’s first competition. I automatically fell in love with it and wanted to get stronger as quickly as possible. I started with a 135lb squat, 100lb bench press, and 225lb deadlift. My current bests are 565lb squat, 265lb bench press, and 485lb deadlift. I have competed at many powerlifting events including the LA fit expo, Arnold Classic, USPA nationals, IPL worlds, and local events. I am ranked #2 in the current American, super heavy weight, open division. I hold the IPL world record in squat, bench, deadlift, and total. I also hold the RPS squat world record. I currently train at CTX fitness in Orlando, FL. My goal is to join the list of the 3 women in the world who have squatted 600lbs raw.

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