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Super, Slam, Wham Wrist Wrap Support

Shipped from West Palm Beach, FL

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The Super, Slam, Wham is considered our medium weight wrist wrap. Supporting your ligaments and tendons prevents injuries, sprains, and strains to a large extent. While working, especially when lifting heavy weights or performing vigorous workouts, many don knee supports, back supports, ankle splints, and specially made Olympic lifting shoes. But protecting your wrist is just as important as your knee or ankle since it is inclined to be injured while training. Wrist supports not only prevent aches and soreness but also lend some room for extending your wrist.

The Super, Slam, Wham provides superior support with its thumb loop design, high quality fabric, double stitching, and comfort. Tested on powerlifters, Olympic trainers, gymnasts, and athletes from all fields, its black and blue fabric perfectly blends with any outfit during the day or at night. Buying the right wrist support can actually save you a severe injury and possibly multiple trips to a chiropractor or physiotherapist. Make an informed, smart choice now and save yourself weeks of swelling, soreness, and decreased performance that almost always comes with a weakened tendon. Remember, it is better to safe than sorry.

  • Length: 30 inches
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Weight: Medium
  • Sold in pairs
  • Color: Super, Slam, Wham Material, orange stitching & orange strap
  • Thumb Loop

*Picture may not accurately reflect color of product.

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