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@Naplam750 Skull Beer Smashing Bench Press 405x12

July 18, 2019 1 min read

@Naplam750 Skull Beer Smashing Bench Press 405x12

What a weekend it was for TuffWraps at the American Fitness Expo in Houston, TX.  We had an excellent time at the expo and had the chance to meet many new faces and saw a bunch of previous customers.  Nothing like previous customers coming back to the booth for more TUFF gear and hearing about how much they love TUFF.  With that said, the weekend could not end without something crazy happening.  

We went to Powerhouse Houston Gym for a Lift Party, and it did not disappoint.  While everyone was throwing around some serious weight, one man stood out, and that was @napalm750.  I will let the video speak for itself, and this was not a planned skit.  No one knew what was happening, and you will have to see for yourself.

Photo: @Kyle_Wurzel

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