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Villain Elbow Wraps - All Black

Shipped from West Palm Beach, FL

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Villain Elbow Wraps All Black (SOLD IN PAIRS) are TUFF heavy-duty wraps that utilize our Villain Wrist Wraps and our signature "Belt Loop Tightening System" making them easy to put on yourself. The Villain Elbow Wraps allow you to control the tension you need to provide an undeniable level of maximum joint compression for superior support and strength in your elbows. Experience support, warmth and reduce any unnecessary strain on your elbows. TUFF Elbow Wraps are perfect for powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman training, and all types of training.

  • One Size Length: 64" including velcro tab.
  • Same material as our signature Villain Wrist Wraps.
  • Belt Loop Tightening System

Our Villain Elbow Wraps utilize our "Belt Loop Tightening System" which is the same as we use in our Villain Wrist Wraps.  This makes them easy to use.

  1. Feed the velcro end of the Elbow Wrap through the Belt Loop Tightening System.
  2. Put it on about 1-2" below your elbow.
  3. Pull the the wrap until it's tight around your upper forearm, but not cutting off your circulation.
  4. Then wrap it in an upward motion towards your bicep.

*The goal is to start from forearm and end on bicep.

One size fits all.

Video coming soon!

Hand wash with light detergent and let air dry. Not following these instructions will void any warranty.

*It is advised to NOT machine wash this product.

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