Welcome Jose Sanchez - Sponsored Athlete

Welcome Jose Sanchez - Sponsored Athlete 0

Jose Luis Sanchez was born January 14, 1984 in San Antonio, Texas. He was an athletic youth that participated in football, basketball and track.

Welcome Jonathan Lopez - TuffWraps Sponsored Athlete

Welcome Jonathan Lopez - TuffWraps Sponsored Athlete 0

I achieved my dreams at an early age... I signed my contract at 17 but had to wait 2 months to be shipped to Ft Benning GA to become an infantryman. My military career was my passion, my life, everything I ever wanted.
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Bench Press & Powerlifting Tips With Leroy Walker/M-Town Monsta - Speed & Explosiveness 0

Leroy "The Machine" Walker one of the best in the world offers you tips, motivation and explains the importance of speed training.

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The Science of Gains: Supplementing with Creatine

The Science of Gains: Supplementing with Creatine 0

Creatine just might be the worlds most popular supplement, but is it worth its weight? Scientific research and practical results say so. For the performance athlete, creatine is almost unparalleled in efficacy when it comes to short-range bursts of high energy for the power athlete.

Carbs: Friends, Not Foe

Carbs: Friends, Not Foe 0

Carbs are the most bullied group on the food pyramid, no thanks to popular diets such as the Atkins and Paleo. Although these regiments have their respective merits, they've also helped construe a dark image of carbohydrates in which dieters have increasingly become fearful of carbohydrates and erroneously come to believe that carbs are what make them fat.

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