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The TuffWraps Team recently took a weekend at the 2022 UK Arnolds Sports Festival at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.
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When it comes to pre-workout supplements (often referred to as just a pre-workout), there are two main types: stim and non-stim.

But what exactly is a stim and a non-stim pre-workout? What does each one do? Which one should you choose? We have all the answers for you, so that you can make an informed decision and use either, or both, to maximize your exercise routines.

  • 12 min read

If you’re asked “how much do you bench, bro?” and your answer is “not enough”, I truly sympathize with you.

The barbell bench press is known for improving chest strength, size, and power, but performing it to perfection can be quite a challenge. Many people struggle to develop a bigger bench press despite going up in weight and increasing the number of times they bench per week. They often push harder, not knowing they’ve reached the dreaded “plateau”.

  • 12 min read
The weight belt for a gym enthusiast or athlete is one of the biggest financial investments you will make on your gym kit, so understanding which one is right for you and your sport is very important. With strength sports all having slightly different objectives there is often a need for different belts for different occasions.
  • 3 min read
We took the time to grab an evening with Dave Walsh to hear how his journey in 2022 World Strongest Disabled Man in Canada last month went last month! Give this episode a listen today!
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We are back with our first episode since being gone for some time now. We have had many new things happen with TuffWraps in the last year...
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TuffWraps are pleased to announce that in partnership with Jakabol Strongfit we are able to give you live access to the 2022 World Strongest Disabled Man competition from Canada.
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When it comes to choosing a knee support for your training it can be a really difficult decision, especially if it's your first ever knee support. Much like our previous blog about elbow sleeves, understanding the reason or what exercises you will be performing with the knee sleeves is the best way to make an informed decision
  • 4 min read