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TuffWraps March 2020 Ambassador of the Month - Markus Unnuno

TuffWraps March 2020 Ambassador of the Month  - Markus Unnuno

What is your name?

Markus Unnuno

What is your IG Handle?


How long have you been a TuffWraps Ambassador?

+2 years

What is your occupation?

Sheet Metal Installer

What is your favorite TuffWraps product, and why?

Figure 8 straps. Being able to grip the bar is a must for me. So the figure 8 straps allow me to lift more (or more reps), the way I like to.

Tell us about your Fitness journey and where it has to lead you to today?

Before my 2nd child was born (my first daughter) I realized "whoa I'm having a girl. I need to straighten up and show this little girl what a man looks like" So multiple things changed about my life that day. One of those things was I adopted bodybuilding as a hobby and now almost 6 years later its as much apart of my life as my job. All thanks to my now 5 year old (Aria) coming into this world.

What are your future goals in terms of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle?

Biggest goal is to learn as much as I can and share it. First with my kids then my friends and then with anyone and everyone thats curious & willing to listen