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Watch Live - Magnus Classic Qualifier 2022 - Canada

tuffwraps magnus ver magnusson classic canada

TuffWraps are pleased to announce that in partnership with Jakabol Strongfit we are able to give you live access to the 2022 Magnus Ver Magnusson Qualifier from Canada!

Organised and run by none other than 4 x World Strongest Man Magnus Ver Magnusson and his team from Jakabol Strongfit and the Magnus Classic.

TuffWraps are proud to be associated with such an iconic brand and cannot wait to see how the series of events unfolds through out the year!

We hope you enjoy the event.  #StayTUFF

Watch the event live directly on our YouTube channel starting 1pm EST Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgkzBhHEEUMFt9AV8n5EIQ 

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