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Which Smelling Salts To Choose??

Which Smelling Salts To Choose??

TuffWraps are proud to announce the release of our new Villain Smelling Salts.  Something we have been working on for a long while and something we are truly happy with as a final product.  From the product itself all the way to the final release of the bottle labels!

Villain Smelling Salts are currently available in two strengths, strength 1 (entry level) and strength 2 (competition level).  Now, this certainly does not mean that experienced lifters should instantly choose strength 2 salts, its all to do with the individual and their reaction to the main chemical in the salts, Ammonia.

Villain salts have been trialled by all of our pro athletes including World Strongest Man competitor Ervin Toots, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders James Hollingshead, Terrance Ruffin and Darren Farrell as well as Strength Coach Simon Yates.  With the majority of these guys all opting for the level 1 as their preferred choice of strength.

When used correctly, Villain Smelling Salts can be a really powerful tool to help prepare you mentally for each lift helping you focus on every part of the rep!  They are like a back slap from your lifting partner to get your head in the game when its PR time!  As with everything, less is often more and over time you can build a tolerance to using ammonia salts, so start small.  Smell the bottle vapour a good distance from your nose and build up to the size of the inhalation, they may make you feel uncomfortable the first time round but this is all part of the learning curve!!

Villain Smelling Salts should be used as per directions and if its your first time using them we strongly advise to use caution, take things slowly and choose strength 1 for your first purchase.

For seasoned lifters who are experienced with the use of salts, we definitely invite you to try our strength 2 offerings!

Enjoy, train safe and most of all #StayTUFF