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TuffWraps Athlete: Tyler Cotton

IG: @tycott

My interest in strength athletics began at an early age, watching and learning from my dad lifting in our barn. In my early twenties, my brother Jonathan and I began powerlifting. After climbing our way to a world class level in powerlifting, We both developed a growing interest in strongman. It’s been roughly 3 years since our first strongman competition, and this journey has brought us all over the world, competing alongside each other. Recently, I won my pro card at the Arnold Strongman Classic. My current goals are to compete at Strongman Champions League world finals, Worlds Strongest Man and the Arnold Pro.

  • North Dakota’s strongest man 2017
  • Iowa’s strongest man 2017
  • New York’s strongest man 2018
  • 2nd place USS nationals 2018
  • USS axle C&P national record 2019
  • Strongman Champions League Laukaa’s strongest man 2019
  • Official Strongman Games top 5 2019
  • Arnold Strongman Classic Pro Card 2020