Choosing The Right Wrist Wrap

Choosing the right wrist wrap

This can be confusing and we are here to make it very simple for you to understand.  Depending on your focus and what you are trying to accomplish you can use either of our wraps to get the wrist support you need.

The Original TuffWraps are of a cloth like material and are used most by CrossFit individuals and people who want a thinner wrist wrap. Our wraps are not just your 100% cotton wrist wraps you typically see in the market.  We found those to be too flimsy and unsupportive when training. We use a specific blend of material designed to give you the support needed to achieve those lifts.  These wrist wraps can be used for bench press and ther weightlifting movements. These are ideal for Olympic movements (Snatches, Clean & Jerks, Push Press, Over Head Squats, etc) that you see in CrossFit.  They allow for you to quickly loosen them when going from one exercise to the next.  You can find these types of wrist wraps by following the link HERE.

Our Villain Wrist Wraps are a thicker type of wrist wrap made to limit wrist extension and are used by powerlifters and weightlifters all around the world.  These types of wraps are offered in 16", 24" and 30".  If you are just looking for a basic wrist wrap for the gym we recommend the 16" Villain Sidekick Wrist Wraps.  If you are a serious lifter we recommend the 24" or 30" for sure!  The longer the wrist wraps the bulkier they will be but you will also gain more support.  There are NO THUMB LOOPS as it was replaced with our "Belt Loop Tightening Mechanism" and also use a velcro system to secure themselves.  These can be found by following the link HERE.


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