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Why did we decide to start this challenge?

This is a challenging time we are all experiencing right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our TUFF team understands this is a difficult situation, but also we wanted to bring some positivity to the world through what we all love to do, and that is FITNESS. We are excited to announce a fun challenge with many giveaways that we created specifically for the situation to bring us together, although we are apart.

What is the #TUFFQuarantineChallenge ?

The #tuffquarantinechallenge is a challenge that can be done at your home, outside or any place that is safe to workout. You do not need a gym, equipment, and better yet, you can do it alone in the safety of your own home.

SO...What exactly do we expect from you during the #tuffquarantinechallenge?

We want you to make a video of you hitting a PR while at home in quarantine, it can be anything from using your home gym and hitting a bench press PR or even just doing as many push-ups as possible or even squatting your couch 30 times and post it to your social media account! Have fun with it and get creative and PLEASE BE SAFE! The goal is to get active during this TUFF time we are all experiencing.


  • Use your smartphone or recording device.
  • State you are doing the TUFF Quarantine Challenge, and what type of exercise/PR you are doing.
  • Challenge at least 3 people and tag them in your post.
  • [BONUS] wear your TUFF gear/apparel if you have it!
  • You can copy and paste the following below to your post:

"I am doing the #tuffquarantinechallenge for a chance to win some TUFF prizes.  If you want to enter, you can do whatever exercise you choose to do, have fun, and be creative.  I challenge the following [TAG AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE].  See @tuffwraps for instructions and details."

  • You must tag @tuffwraps and use the hashtag #TUFFQuarantineChallenge if you did not copy the above statement.
  • IG/FB Account must be public for us to see it.
  • Email submissions WILL NOT COUNT, as this is a social media contest.
  • Sign up with your email for notifications if you are a winner! (see below)

*Failure to do the above will cause your video not to be submitted for the contest.

What can you win?

  • 1 person will win a $250 gift card to TuffWraps.com.
  • 5 people will get a $100 gift card to TuffWraps.com.
  • 5 people will get a $25 gift card to TuffWraps.com.
  • 5 people will get a pair of Villain wraps.
  • 10 people will get a TUFF Tee.
  • 20 people will get a limited edition pair of TUFF Lifting Straps.

How are the winners chosen?

We are randomly choosing winners, depending on creativity and fun. All winners are chosen in 2 weeks! Good luck, stay safe and have fun.

In closing this is meant to be a fun thing for everyone to do and we look forward to see the videos you post and tag us with.

*This contest is subject to change at any time without notice. If winners reside outside of the USA then they are responsible for shipping cost of the item.