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TuffWraps Athlete: Leroy "The Machine" Walker

TuffWraps - Team Villain Captain Powerlifter

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Leroy Anthony Walker was born July 29, 1977. He Grew up in Washington state and was a 3-sport athlete in football, wrestling, and baseball. He started lifting weights at age 13, when he got his first bench set in the garage. At age 19  he entered his first bench competition, and lifted a raw 489!  Later that same year, he benched a drug-free 500! He took a small break from competition until 2009, and entered the LA Fit Expo and lifted a raw 501. In the last few years, he has not lost a bench competition that he has entered. He has set many American records; 661lbs raw USPA, and lifted a comp best 675lbs at the sanctioned USPA RELENTLESS DETROIT a cancer fundraiser. This summer he broke the 20-year-old standing bench record at Muscle Beach Venice, with a 655lbs- breaking the great, CT Fletcher's Record of 650lbs. Currently, he is ranked #1 SHW bencher in all federations and #6 on the ALL TIME WORLD RANKINGS by Powerlifting Watch. His current mission is to become the 5th person ever in the history of Powerlifting, to go over the 700lb raw mark, in a sanctioned competition. He is married to the beautiful Betty Rage, who is also a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder. Leroy resides in Rancho Cucamonga, California and trains at 24 hr fitness, as well as the famous,  Metroflex Long Beach.

Competition Lifts :

Raw bench gym 710
USPA 661 national and ca state record
2014 617 Venice beach raw record
2015 655 Venice beach Overall record
2015 Detroit relentless overall raw record and UPA all time record 675
2015 USPA national champion
2012 Usapl national champion and best lifter
Have not lost a sanction meet in 4 years!!!

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